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Mention one of @WhatsMy*** family members in your πŸ“© post, repost or comment πŸ“¨ to get easy to understand analytics.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Simple mention will give you basic info in a comment reply.
πŸ‘‰πŸΌ For more advanced options, check profile of each command.
πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Answers will be sent by parent account, @WhatsMy

πŸ›  Active tools:
➑ @WhatsMyGas - gas fees paid on DeSo
➑ @WhatsMyNodeFee - node fees paid
➑ @WhatsMyFollows - info on follower activity
➑ @WhatsMyScams - suspicious accounts in wallet
➑ @WhatsMyMentions - check who you mention most
➑ @WhatsMyDiamonds - diamond gives & receives
➑ @WhatsMyComments - creator comment feeds
➑ @WhatsMyNumber - random number generator
➑ @WhatsMyBirthBlock - find your @BirthBlockNFT
➑ @TheFAQ - on-chain DeSo knowledge base
➑ @TikTakToe - experiment in on-chain gaming
➑ @PollMe - run your on-chain polls
➑ @DeSoMirror - posts daily DeSo stats
➑ @Activ - shows users active in last 5 minutes
➑ @Stumblr - stumble upon a DeSo user
➑ @DeSoBidFeed - telegram: t.me/DeSoBidFeed

🧬 Live comment feeds:
➑ @CoreTeamCommentsFeed - Core Team, see profile for list
➑ @TeamDeSoSupportComments - DeSo Support Team, see profile
➑ @SandiroseCommentsFeed - you guessed, @Sandirose
➑ see @SandiroseCommentsFeed profile for others

🚧 In the making, not working yet: @WhatsMyHODLings, @WhatsMyFR, @WhatsMyNFTs, @WhatsMyEarnings, @WhatsMyDAO
πŸ“† Roadmap: bit.ly/3qsym24
βœ… verified on @DeSocialWorld: desocialworld.com/u/WhatsMy
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