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Numbers NFTs receive ~25% back in $ordinAIs. Use Numbers NFTs to participate in challenges for a chance to win prizes.
Details: /posts/6685efd0eb424b3283eb9a6963e51c79a8acb5fda978682478f1a2cc4e3dc6ea

OrdinAIs auctions receive ~50% back in $ordinAIs creator-coin. Remaining proceeds are used to purchase CC.
Details: /posts/1503b04e8aaa5006f245a6832a13d4843194de9ed671d6638ba17d8b94af893f

Burn Coin NFTs do not receive $ordinAIs returns and are set to max royalties to coin holders. When you purchase a burn coin, it increases the value of $ordinAIs and locks the value into the coin.
Details: /posts/65f53d4742750b30921e018f3254e5fe329f7a8adf125825fc1bd90761bf51ad

Burner King @GWGoodfellow (2 burns)
Resale Queen @? (No resales yet)

Burn Prize 1 @Allendes (Discovered 2/23/23)
Burn Prize 2 @Pixelangelo (Discovered 3/13/23)
Burn Prize 3 @? (to be discovered in the next 25 ordinAIs)

OG1 @Dreamsmile7 (3 ordinAIs)
OG2 @Gatucu (6 ordinAIs)
OG3 @GWGoodfellow (6 ordinAIs)
OG4 @Allendes (6 ordinAIs)
OG5 @Striga (5 ordinAIs)

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