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PSYCOart is a multidisciplinary concept and a creative approach that brings art closer to explore its intersection through mental health.
The goal is to promote knowledge of psychology through the use of art as a tool for personal growth and social change. By creating a reflective and interpretive dialogue, PSYCOart seeks to foster a greater understanding of the power of psychology with art to transform lives and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

#Art for personal growth and social change

What activities do we develop? -> https://shre.ink/Whatactivitiesdowedevelop
Advantages of hold $PSYCOart -> https://cutt.ly/h1WnP6G
Types of NFT -> https://shre.ink/TypesofNFT
Trading PSYC500 coin -> https://openfund.com/trade/PSYC500


Original content
All NFTs from everyday or daily publications will be subject to a minimum base price for their auction, which will be stipulated by the NFT proceeds from the immediately preceding day.
These quotes will be measured by both diamond revenue and revenue from a sale.
For that user/owner who acquires one of these NFTs, in the next mint, they will obtain a 5% royalty permanently.
It is also stipulated that the proceeds will be distributed as follows:

30% acquire CC from whoever bought the NFT
50% acquire CC $PSYCOart
10% hold CC $PSYCOart
5% creator
5% royalties acquire NFT


by Mg. Prof. Rodrigo Ariel PRADIER
web -> https://www.psycoart.net/en/
x-> https://twitter.com/RodrigoPRADIER
Personal account -> @PRADIER

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