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Be kind. Etre gentil.

My name is Angelique. I would like to meet new friends and make creations. I like art, poetry, literature, nature, and learning new things. I have been out of social media for a while and would like to become part of the Deso family.
I have a special place in my heart for Tibet and saving their culture and religion. I enjoy creating art and posting on Deso my gallery can be found at:


3d gallery: angelique511.nftz.me/3d/space

Hero swap affiliate link: https://heroswap.com/Angelique511

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NewBitcoincity: Foxifreckles511


Instagram: @angelique511_

Telegram: @foxifreckles

Interested in these charities ☮️:

#FreeTibet #Beekind #Studentsforafreetibet #Savethewhales #Savethegorillas #Savetheelephants #Savethebees #Peacecorps #Sierra Club #Greenpeace

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