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I am a content creator, a digital creator, truth teller, positive influence, stock, crypto advocate, investor, and trader.

I am heavily invested in $deso with my money and my time. I 100% believe this is the way and I will dedicate most of my time and energy making sure me and all of us succeed here.

I am dedicated to growing as a creator and a positive influence.

I am new to a lot of this and I would love to have some of you come along for the ride with me.


I tend to support those that support me. If I invest in you I believe in you and will gladly go through the ups and downs with you. I totally believe in you and believe in what your about.
So I will more then likely Not sell your coin either! Just be true to yourself and be who you are.

I created a hashtag on Tiktok encouraging this #ubeu It currently has almost 11 milliong views

Im verified @desocialworld and @diamond
I am a web 3 verified creator.

creator of desoville@nftz.me
My nfts Ugottaloveit@nftz.me

For a more personal view of who I am you can check me out at



I am constantly learning from others and what is working and what I love to do.

I have Rewarded my C.C holders already with 10% of my C.C. On multiple occasions and Will continue to do so.

Will be going live on Tiktok from my account and @mrtriplet to promote the vision of @desofy

I love gaming and will be streaming more soon. Stay tuned

I am working on some really cool projects. Some will be hits and Im sure some may flop. I am always open to suggestions and advice. I will do everything in my power to continue to bring value to everything I am doing.

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