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International DJ & Producer
Chilean born - based in Ibiza since 2010

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ALLENDES DESO CHRONICLES: I´ll be sharing with you guys my work in the studio and on tour so you can understand the behind the scenes of my job

MY LATEST PROJECT HERE - working on the DESO track:

On Nov 29 2023 I asked over here if I should do a song called DESO. The answer to this question was massive with more than 100 people voting and with 94% of the voters saying yes, so I´m working on it now to make it happen

it´s gonna take some time as I will fit it in my studio time among more projects I´m working on but I´m looking forward to create a solid dance track for underground clubs and sign this track to a top10 label from the industry, with some I already work so it´s not a totally crazy idea

i´ll be shooting videos of the process and share them via @Stori , the first will be to find a vocal loop to work with that I will cut from youtube videos of people talking about deso - I might even cut @nader himself talking for it, and I will find a way to include my top 10 CC holders in the song, maybe writing their names in the cover art, or creating a exclusive NFT for them related to the song. I don´t have it clear yet how to do it, but I want to include my top 10 CC holders as a way to say thanks for believing in my music

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