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The Multitalented Dev and Artist Driving Innovation in the Metaverse @TheRainbowland @RadiantResidences @Raverse @LGBTQNetwork @MilkyWayGalaxy and @DesoTerra

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Reading now: "Il monaco che amava i gatti frasi" & "Don Quixote"

@Navajjoo is a multitalented artist, writer, and developer with a passion for the metaverse. With a background in 3D art, writing, and software development, Navajjoo has a unique blend of skills that makes him a valuable contributor to the Rainbowland Metaverse team.

As a citizen of the world who has traveled extensively, Navajjoo brings a global perspective to his work, infusing his creations with a diverse range of cultural influences.

His technical expertise and creative vision have made him a valuable technical advisor and administrator of the Rainbowland Metaverse, where he helps to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and that users have a seamless experience. With a passion for game development and a deep understanding of the possibilities of the metaverse, Navajjoo is driving innovation forward and helping to shape the future of virtual worlds.

Get to know Navajjoo and discover how his diverse skill set and global perspective are driving creativity and innovation in the metaverse.

Just for fun @TimotheeChalametClub

Portfolio: https://navajjoo.rainbowland.org/
Metaverse: https://rainbowland.org
Radiant Residences: https://rr.rainbowland.org
E-mail: navajjoo@rainbowland.org
Support Treatment: https://openfund.com/d/Navajjoo

E-Sim card all around the world: https://airalo.pxf.io/oex27e

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