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-Daily wagers/plays for you to piggy back on, just make sure to follow the steps to register and receive your piece of the prize pool %10 of profit! It's as easy as
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-%5 of all profit winnings will be separated for top 5 (active) CC holders as follows
1: 30% @Randhir
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-CC Hodlers #6 to #12 are eligible for an even split of %2 from profit
6: @PSYCOart
7: @Mher
8: @Homey
9: @Miniyo
10: @Kaanha
11: @Akshayupadhyay
12: @Reihanrei
CC holders under 12 w/ over $1 are eligible for random 3xπŸ’Ž shower on their last 5 posts! 🀯 (3 recipients/day)
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