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Love photography and painting. Part of @twenty20 photography site.
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A mini RoadMap of my NFT BOOKS.
The books will be Unique and the NFT'S in small numbers.

Every buyer of an NFT will receive 5% royalty on the next NFT.

The top NFT holder will receive 5% royalty on every NFT to come.

After every 20 sales, I will gift 1 NFT to one of the buyers.

General Royalties:
Holder 5%
Creator 5%
As a lot of you know this plan was put together with the brilliant mind of @Mher , and I thank him for that. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
The minimum holding for the REWARDS is 0.25 cc.
The reward % for holders is roughly:
● 0.25 ~ 1 cc - 1%
● 1 ~ 3 cc - 1.5%
● up from 3 cc - 2%
But to keep the calculations simple, I will send the following amounts of my CC as fixed REWARDS:
Holding from:
0.25 cc ~ 0.0025 cc
1 cc ~ 0.015 cc
2 cc ~ 0.03 cc
3 cc ~ 0.06 cc
4 cc ~ 0.08 cc
5 cc ~ 0.1 cc
For example:
When you hold 2.5 cc you receive 0.03 cc.

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