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I do not sell my own CC
However, I do buy often

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Staking Rewards for holders(Paused)

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Hodler Rewards
.50 - 1.4999 = 1%
1.50 - 2.999 = 2%
3 or more= 3%

Must hold at least .50 CC to receive staking rewards
Capped at 3 coins for now
(Example: if you are holding 7 coins, you will get paid staking rewards on 3 of them)

Must hold coin for 30 days to receive staking rewards. Must own at least .50 CC to receive benefits and must say purchased. Must be active in the past 60 days.

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I Am SagamiNakamoto


*staking rewards subject to change at any time
As always… feel free to buy or sell as you please. I hope you make money.

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