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First appeared in 2012 on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Now appearing on the $DeSo blockchain and in @astronation metaverse!

Grab your metaverse companion today!

Collection includes - 500 $DeSoGhostS

346 Common (0.25 DeSo)
115 Rare (0.50 DeSo)
24 Epic (1.00 DeSo)
12 Legendary (5.00 DeSo)
3 Mythical (10.00 DeSo)

Ghosts appear randomly, auctions close just as randomly as the ghosts appear!

Starbase Community - https://discord.gg/cVsyYCdbsZ

Discord server: discord.gg/THKxxbYFze

This is the metaverse of DeSoGhost:

MARKET PLACE: https://desoghost.nftz.me/

By @becopro @klarakopii and @SLAVA

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