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Dutch guy living in Portugal,
Professional French Horn player and teacher!
NFTz we do with pleasure and joy!
All works are my own and made with a wide variety of free online tools which include AI assistance !!

Some see AI as a tool that fails to assist their own needs, while its just the cumulative knowledge of humankind that allows you to open up new paths nor you, nor humankind thought ever possible!

Currently minting 10 series (4 mints a day) of affordable (usually 3 diamond claims for first 48 hours) collectibles to get you going in the exciting world of NFTz.me. Each day something new, enjoy the ride!
Personalized NFTz may be requested anytime without any costs!

post2earndao.com/statistics : 2 posts a day make all your troubles go away πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Main acount : @SeWiJuGA
NFTz general storage: @SeWiStOrE
NFTz art storage: @SeWiArT
If you want to invest in my DAO:

Monthly investing in usercoins/daos untill my retirement in 2030, then reevaluating every 3 years !
Own usercoin holdings between 30%-50% balanced goal !! I will consider to sell CCs of members that become 1 month+ inactive !! P.S. ALL 3 acounts will recieve periodical funding to increase value for at least the next years untill my retirement in RL πŸ₯°

Royalty settings (22% total) for ALL mints.
Creator: 11%
CoinHolder: 11%

If giving is a crime? I am guilty as charged !

Lovers will love me πŸ₯°
Haters will hate me 😱
Just as it should be πŸ‘»

The fake acount @SeVViJuGA is in no way associated to me!! I am just a popular guy πŸ₯°

A further list of similar abusive accounts can be found here: @AbusiveAccountsListings

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