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1 year ago

Why You Should Invest in @altumbase:
Here is our DAO plan:

All holders of the Altumbase DAO will get revenue/profit share.

All holders will take part in governance of the Altumbase project.

We will publish more details soon!

Funds raised will be used for following:

  • take our current analytical platform to the next level.
  • launch new professional node with paid access. This node will have advanced analytical / statistical / automation tools for professional/business use.
  • develop API with advanced statistics that will be provided to other node operators.

Revenue of Altumbase will come from paid access to API, advanced analytics, and professional node. And yes, we already have revenue, which will grow with the growth of DeSo!

In the current funding round we are looking to raise $100,000 which represents 10% of total Altumbase value. Our next round will sell additional 10% of Altumbase, but at a higher valuation.

Interested? Invest in AltumBase DAO now: https://openfund.com/d/AltumBase

AltumBase is not part of DeSo. Nothing on AltumBase should be considered a financial or professional advise.