If you are here, you are probably wondering how to use the Creator Activity List and what on earth is ACAI™. Finally we can talk robots! The concept is easy. Our index is like acai berry that has so many benefits, it is labeled a superfood.

Our superdata is a mix of special formulas that calculate all the information seen in Creator Activity List by taking the amount of NFTs minted, posts and comments made by the user and weighting against how many follows/followings, likes/unlikes, diamonds and buys/sells of coins and bids on NFTs these actions have generated. The greater the post, the higher the ACAI™ number, as it triggers interactions from readers with diamonds, buys, likes and follows.

ACAI™ can help you find new amazing creators on DeSo and help you with your investment decisions. On top of this all information is received in real time and lists are updated every 5 minutes.