Any new idea that allows monetisation attracts all sorts of scamming opportunities. DeSo is not an exception, and a lot of you have seen it happening. If only scammers would use their creativity to make amazing content and help build this community, we would reach the moon really quickly!

We believe in community, and we believe in team work. Any ideas for the posts and updates are more than welcome (send them through contact us form, message or just comment on our deso page)

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Many accounts on DeSo are not real. They either impersonate famous people, projects or pretend to be real people. Even verified accounts sometimes manage to scam and disappear. So be very careful and do not believe what you see straight away!


One of the first steps to take is to make sure the account hasn’t been changing names. The easiest way to do it is by going to @prosperclout and typing in the name of the account you want to check.

Check the age of the account. Was it created just a day ago?

What sort of description does it have? Is it a generic quote from the internet?

Are there any working links in the description? Especially important for projects!

Has the picture been stolen from another account?

Is the account pretending to be someone else by changing a letter? For example, instead of “JakeUdell” it says “JackUdell”.

If an account has the same username on other platforms and only recycles content from those platforms it has medium likelihood it's a scam. By @clayoglesby

Is it only reshares on the page, with no real posts?

Does the account own too much of its coin? The holder could potentially rug.

What investors are at the top of the cap table? To be on the safe side, you need to start familiarizing with safe investors that have been on the platform for a while.

Most scam accounts spam with messages.

Do they comment on your posts asking you to follow them back? By @OneNation

Are they following absolutely everyone to get some followers back?

If you know the person in real life, at least you know that they are real. By @ElrickErikose

Before an investment I see if they jump on @nachoaverage or if anyone there is familiar with them. Helps to further vet creators. By @Michaelgiordano

You can always DM the person off DeSo to confirm, but when in doubt don't invest. By @clayoglesby

If you are planning to invest into a project, then check them out on @bithunt for verification! Project owners are thoroughly verified there, just like we were!



Unfortunately a verification does not always mean the person on the other side will not scam, so be very careful.

A lot of scam accounts pretend to be in the process of verification posting texts like: "verifying with twitter". Be mindful and wait for the verification to go through or send them a message on another social media outlet and confirm it is their account.

Is the verified account only reposting from other platforms with no interactions? Not a good sign.



Never EVER trade coins with anyone via messages. The person could have the most realistic story as to why they do not want to use a third party, but never forget, it is them who want the coin and not you.



Never post your seed phrase. Never tell it to anyone. It’s the only password and u can never change it. By @PhilippeMeunier

Never log in to other computers, as it is impossible to log out.

Register with a seed phrase AND a passcode.



You might have seen the posts, but some projects managed to get seed phrase of quite a few account.

Be very careful when adding extensions to your browser. They can track your keystrokes, and if you copy paste your seed phrase they could be able to save it.

When entering any website that needs you to log in with DeSo, make sure the “Identity” window opens and you do not need to paste your seed phrase anywhere.



A lot of users are not aware that DeSo is filled with bots. (Bots are automatic programs / robots)


Some bots create new accounts every minute by using generic usernames, descriptions and even adding a few posts. They are obviously not worth the investment.

Some bots are created to sell the moment someone invests to make small gains.

Other bots are there to invest automatically into certain accounts that meet the metrics.


If you have any extra tips you think we should add, lets us know by clicking here contact us form or messaging us on our DeSo page!)