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Why You Should Invest in @altumbase:

As of this week, here is our plan to grow @altumbase and to support creators and makers:

Each Monday, starting November 1, we will check the balance of our wallet.

If the balance is below 3 DeSo coins, we will top it up to 3.

💰We will then use 1/3 of the balance to buy @altumbase coin.

💰Another 1/3 will be used to buy coins of top weekly creators by ACAI as following:

1st place - 30%
2 - 25%
3 - 20%
4 - 15%
5 - 10%

💰Remaining 1/3 will be used as following:
50% will be used to pay for servers that run
50% will be used to buy @DeSoLabs coin to support other nodes and tools.

In order to make it easier for you to buy @altumbase coin, we will keep our FR low at 10% only.

So act now, buy the coin while the price is low.

In addition, we will list top holders of the @altumbase coin on all pages of A great way to promote your account!

AltumBase is not part of DeSo. Nothing on AltumBase should be considered a financial or professional advise.